you want to make money quickly, easily and safely with your videos to Youtube, and have enabled the production of income and still do not have Network , this will interest

(Network for all large and small youtubers ... a few requirements and voluntary permanence):

In such case you are directly Youtube Partner , you know how slow and difficult the process of revision to monetize videos and almost always appears like the famous and hated exclamation point (!). Means you need tests to check the commercial use rights (although the video is 100% yours).

Most Networks to accept you as a partner, make you sign forced contracts last from one year but actually are perpetual contracts because when you send a request for dismissal, postpone your request whenever they want meaning they can not leave can ever take over your content and often acquire a debt if you do not reach the minimum yield (100USD).

When you become a member of Freedom at last you will be FREE to earn money with your videos.

automatically avoid the review process and so ALL can monetize your videos (with no copyright or third-party content).

Characteristics of Freedom:

  1. No minimum payment . Monthly payments via PayPal automatically and NOT forces you to get a minimum of performance and you need not be of age to receive your money.
  2. No forced contracts. If you did not like Freedom can go as you please, with one click and without explanation. But pay attention: if you decide to leave, you can only return to the Freedom family when you have a different channel.
    Music to your videos. Freedom offers you an extensive music library, plus: IF YOU ARE A MUSICIAN, PROTECT YOUR CONTENT.
  3. . What everyone is looking GAMER If you do PlayGames of any game, Freedom is for you and all MineCrafteros we offer: free contests and next-generation servers.
  4. Transparency. Month after month can watch every penny you earned no buts or censorship.
    It was founded in early 2014. Its founder is George Vanous .
  5. Intuitive interface. Dashboard Panel and User friendly, features tutorials and forums to grow your channel.
    60% to 70% commission. You get a 60% down and if your channel is large or becomes of great, you get 70%.
    If you have more than one channel and you're part of Freedom, you can add (s) at no extra requests.


No support in Spanish and need before entering your Adsense account linked to your youtube channel (if you're underage, there are several ways to do so).


  • Have at least 8 videos and 30 reproductions daily (1k per month).
  • If you are interested in being part of Freedom I recommend entering through the referral link you leave at the end.
  • What is the referral link? When you enter using a referral link means that a verified user or a direct advisor to Freedom are recommending your channel and thus have more opportunities.
  • You can use this link referred to enter the network

As I started.

I at first, I started up my notes from school , to blogs, to Blogger to be exact, then went to Youtube asvideo tutorials because it did not have much space to store books and notebooks. I also realized that he could find faster notes needed in the blog, to look for browsing books.

Then I realized that they could charge, just to make use of this service, using google adsense.

Until recently I realized this wonderful network, I've since August 2014, and have paid me month after month.

At first takes two months, like any network, and then you'll be paying it.

It is certainly a good deal, where you learn, and you do not need stationery, plus no risk, taking creativity you can do much.

Dare to make money with your videos, and you'll be FREE, starting today, enters through the following link referred



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