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The following tutorial, experimental and educational purposes will be somewhat rude, mean to see if a person learns faster with the illness.
So, if you are a person that may affect you foul language, we invite you to leave the video, Anyway appreciate your visit.


Such assholes !!, Welcome to intensive, and thanks for having eggs to continue watching the video.

In this video, I intend to teach them everything I have learned from SQL Server , and did not learn of books Heck, if not I learned working, asking there nosy, pure practice, I recommend reading so they are not like me.

First things first, and then continue, not like in the Star Wars movies.

Let the introduction.

This video is for beginners, so I start from scratch, if you're going to be advanced and fucking without leaving any new contribution fuck better go elsewhere.

When working with SQL Server . Whether at work, we might classify as follows.

First this instance, I was going to say first is the PC, but it would be much bullshit.


First is the instance , oneinstance database can have a database hastablesviews , stored procedures and triggers.

If someone mentions them in English it go to Perga here, it's the same.








CustomersWe continue in the tables store information and have a format ofrows and columns , that's stupid, fucking like Excel.

We start from the beginning, defining the instance.










InstanceFor you see assholes like you to explain, theinstance is the mother who settled in the beginning when we installed the SQL Server, once installed, you can install another instance, typically, the first time we installed SQL Server, we put the name of the instance as defaultand can thus access it with pure IP of the machine, or the pure name of the machine, so if you want to install another instance , we have to put a name to differentiate it from the other, for example, name of the machine / name of the instance.

And heck, each instance will have their databases .









@@IDENTITY- and-SCOPE-_IDENTITY- with- triggers-in-SqlServerNow I will define what a database , in the most practical sense.

Well heck, not the'll explain as in Wikipedia , database , as its name suggests, is the chingadera where data is stored intables , similar to Excel.

In the database are also stored procedures , views , andtriggers or as some call it, triggers . I will repeat again, oneinstance saved many databases all who believe in it, and a database has many tables and other shit that I mentioned.







CustomersTables, as I said, have rows and columns . All, all, but all thecolumns of the table, have a name and data type . in the next tutorial, I will show you how it works.











procedureThe stored procedure is a function , a magical utterance, that when we call does many things, depending on how you have programmed, can access information from one or more tables , edit information and to deleteinformation , so that we become wueyes, is what its name implies, aprocedure in the database that can be invoked to do something, I can not explain, but we'll see in practice.












vista1The views are just for information mixing tables , or at least, that's what I used, but well said never use the sink.








Trigger 1The triggers , serve to skyrocket. ie, with this wave, we can schedule when something happens in the database , trigger action and do something, which we will we program it to do.

If you've come this far, and you understood, you mean you're a chingon like your dad. and you're ready for the next video where you will see how to create a database, create tables, add other information, view information and modify the information.

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